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Cremation Urn

CREMATION URN EXPORTERS manufacture urns- a container needs to hold the ashes until the scattering occurs when the cremation is chosen for final arrangements. They are available in a wide variety of shapes, designs and sizes. They can be made of marble, wood or metal such as bronze or steel. In addition to marble urns, our selection features artistic metal urns, wood urns, cloisonne, urns, and ceramic urns. They can be personalized with engravings, military medallions, emblems etc. They can be a more traditional vase-style funeral urn.

Why choose us?

At UG MEDICAL SUPPLIERS, a wide selection of funeral urns are available, catering to all interests, style preferences and budgets. We ate here to make your purchase an easy one. We help you to find the burial urn you need to preserve your loved one's memory. In addition, we have a friendly support team to assist you at any time.

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