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WHEELCHAIR EXPORTERS supply wheelchairs is an amazing mobility aid for senior adults and people with mobility issues. The wheelchairs come with an easy to use controller and fire retardant upholstery. The wheelchair is light in weight and has a weight-bearing capacity of 100kg. It has all the important functions that a user needs in a motorized wheelchair. The chair is suitable to be used in case of stability and balance problems, post-surgery, post paralysis, walking disorders, spinal injury, pelvic surgery and legs injury. The wheelchair is embellished with fire retardant upholstery, double seat cushions, back cushion, detachable leg rest, flip-up armrest, pneumatic tyres and can run 12 km in a single charge.


UG MEDICAL SUPPLIES is one of the leading and oldest manufacturers of orthopaedic and mobility aids. It has an extensive range of orthopaedic and rehabilitation products, from small sprains to chronic conditions.

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